The 9 Biggest Bullpen Blowups in Jays History

The 2016 trade deadline didn’t come close to matching the euphoric highs of the 2015 deadline. You can’t trump David Price and Troy Tulowitzki. Nobody was asking first-year GM Ross Atkins to shock the world, and most Jays fans were impressed with the shrewd, but impactful acquisitions he did make. And the depth provided by Melvin Upton […]


Stroman Sliding Back to the Front of the Rotation

Well well, this is a nifty leader board. Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez, the two young Blue Jays, are best friends forever. After so many sleepless nights softly whispering “hashtag StroChez” into each others ears and watching Netflix together at their City Place condos, their pitching philosophies must be rubbing off on each other: Earlier this week, I wrote about how […]