A Farewell to J.A. Happ

This Blue Jays season has been, in many ways, reminiscent of the last. Mostly in that there’s been a lot of bad baseball played. While the Jays started out in the absolute worst way possible last April before crawling back to the low-end mediocrity in which they would reside for the entirety of the season, […]


The Unsung Heroes of Minor League Baseball

As we have extensively covered, MiLB teams insulate themselves against the variable quality of the product on the field with fun, affordability, customer service, and unique promotions and giveaways. And if your team wins, hey, that’s an added bonus. Given this focus on fan experience over on-field success, there are many subtle roles in a minor league […]


The Real Blue Jays All Stars

On Sunday, Major League Baseball announced the rosters for the 89th Annual Midsummer Classic in Washington, DC. Players from around the league were chosen and recognized based on their performance on the field and star power. Toronto will be sending one representative on Tuesday July 17th,  left-handed pitcher J.A. Happ. As the first half comes to […]


How Fast Are the Blue Jays Compared to Soccer Stars?

With the Blue Jays struggling to stay competitive, no one would fault even the most die-hard baseball fan for tuning into the World Cup instead of one of last weekend’s Blue Jays-Tigers games. But as a die-hard baseball fan, baseball is never far from the mind. Even if you are watching Japan and Belgium play […]

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