On Stroman, Sanchez, and the Struggles With Fastball Classification

Neither Aaron Sanchez nor Marcus Stroman relies upon a four seam fastball as their primary hard-type offering. This has led many to envelop the hard-type pitches that they do throw into one single category with an interchangeable name; sinkers and two seam fastballs. While it’s an understandable association to make, given that both have great […]


Drew Storen Named Setup Man; A Temporary Loss for Progressive Thinking

Just yesterday it was announced that Roberto Osuna, the 21-year old Mexican who single handedly kept the bullpen looking somewhat respectable over the first two months of the 2015 season, would again be acting as the fireman at the back-end of John Gibbons’ bullpen to start the 2016 season. While Osuna did absolutely nothing to lose the […]


How the Blue Jays Can Emulate the Rays Pitching Success

The 2016 season opens for the Blue Jays in Tampa Bay against the Rays, and it’s an interesting coincidence, at least in the purview of this article, given the way that the new Toronto front office appears to be constructing its pitching staff. It’s certainly not a bad strategy to mimic; despite getting just 24 total […]