Know Your Enemy: A Look at Blue Jay Haters Around the League

According to many people outside of Canada, the Blue Jays are not the most loved team in baseball. It’s starting to feel like every other week someone is spouting off, or throwing at, one of the Jays’ best players. I, like most Blue Jays fans, do not understand all of the hate. While I can […]


These Birds are Flying: Orioles Series Preview

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Baltimore Orioles June 9th – June 12th Written by Matt Gwin and Molly Tissenbaum After tearing through the Yankees and Red Sox over the last few weeks, one would have hoped that the Jays would be closer to the top of the AL East. Instead, while the Jays were doing their winning, the Orioles […]


Birds in the Hand: Orioles Series Preview

Toronto Blue Jays @ Baltimore Orioles April 19th – April 21st The Blue Jays continue their tour of the American League East, as they head to Baltimore to face the Orioles, the only team in their division they’ve yet to face. Picked by many pundits to finish last in a very competitive division, the Orioles […]