Fixing the Blue Jays Walk-Up Songs

By Nick Dika, Mike Sonne, and Joshua Howsam The slow crawl of the early offseason is no fun for anyone. Especially when Shohei Ohtani wants nothing to do with you Toronto and you have a feeling the “impact bat” that your favourite team’s general manager keeps talking about looks a lot more like Josh Harrison […]

Jose Bautista (2)

3 Things to Watch for Against the Yankees

Written by Dave Church, Greg Wisniewski, and Elie Waitzer Stuck In The Middle (Infield) With You You’d be forgiven for forgetting that Troy Tulowitzki and Devon Travis play for the Blue Jays. Apparently they appeared together in a game at one point, but we can’t really be sure. It’s probable that Ryan Goins has always been […]