How the Blue Jays Can Trade Kendrys Morales

From the outside, it appears that this offseason hasn’t been kind to the Blue Jays – who are currently farther away from 2018 contention than they were at the beginning of it. Unless Shapiro, Atkins & Co. are willing to blow up their plans for the future (which they almost certainly, and rightfully, will not), there will need to […]

Steve Pearce Grand Slam Oakland

The Most Exciting* Blue Jays Wins of 2017

With the MLB postseason in full swing, the Blue Jays find themselves on the outside looking in for the first time since 2014. While playoff baseball in Toronto is dearly and sorely missed, watching the postseason without a vesting interest in the outcome allows for rooting for close games rather than a blowout for your favourite team. Baseball is at […]


Searching for Hope: Recent Improbable Playoff Teams

With the first month of the season wrapping itself up Sunday afternoon, the Blue Jays find themselves winners of their past two games. From what I’ve been told, this phenomenon is known as a winning streak, something that Toronto is experiencing for the first time in its 2017 iteration. Their inability to string any wins together has […]