The 9 Best Blue Jays Free Agent Signings

Ok, so the season is over. The World Series was exciting, but the wrong teams were playing. Free agency officially began yesterday (kind of…teams can only negotiate with their own free agents for the first five days) and this Blue Jays team has some obvious decisions to make. You already all know what these decisions […]


The 9 Best Blue Jays One Year Wonders

I pretend, at times, to be a musician. Over the years, a staple of my sets for any gig I’ll play has become a tune written and recorded by a band of brothers in 1997. It’s a catchy little ditty that went number one in 27 countries. I’m speaking, of course, of Hanson’s MMMBop. The […]

MLB: ALDS-Texas Rangers at Toronto Blue Jays

The 9 Greatest Opening Day Performances in Blue Jays History

The 9 is a monthly list series that will take a look at interesting parts of Blue Jays history, with an attempt to throw in a fun fact or two for every entry. Why nine? Well, there are nine innings and nine players on the field, so it seemed like a proper baseball number. Without […]