Recap: Blue Jays 5, Tigers 4; The Real Troy Tulowitzki is Back

Two years ago, if I’d told you that Drew Hutchison pitched just as well as Justin Verlander, you’d have been ecstatic. Well, that happened today, but there was no ecstaticism to be found. Verlander isn’t much like his 2011 Cy Young and MVP award winning self these days; today’s game epitomized that. He struck out five […]

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Artificial Turf Wars Ep. 15: Aardsma on Arms

Free agent relief pitcher David Aardsma stops by the podcast to discuss the decision-making process that comes with opting out of a contract, what’s next in his job search, analytics and how they can make a pitcher better, the draft and college pitcher usage, and why steroid testing procedures are very important. Josh and Greg […]


This Week in Blue Jays: “It’s Early” Works Both Ways

Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to the “it’s early” mantra that so many hopeful fans evoke when their team begins a season below expectations, there is likely little dissent amongst Blue Jays fans that the first fifty games have, as a whole, been both disappointing and frustrating.  With memories of bat flips all […]


The Blue Jays Hitters Need to Adjust to Adjustments

It’s no secret that the Blue Jays vaunted offense isn’t quite living up to expectations. Last year’s squad scored 5.5 runs per game, lapping the field by such a wide margin that the second place Yankees were closer to the 26th ranked Reds than the league-leading Blue Jays. This year, the Jays have scored a […]

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Artificial Turf Wars Ep. 11: A Minor (League) Detour

The voices of the minor leagues make their appearance on Artificial Turf Wars, as Jesse Goldberg-Strassler of the Lansing Lugnuts and Ben Wagner of the Buffalo Bisons stop by to discuss Andy Burns, top prospects and life at various levels of the minors. Greg, Josh, and Chris also run through the recent stories surrounding the […]

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at San Francisco Giants

Recap: Blue Jays 4, Giants 0; San Francisco Hapless Against Blue Jays Ace

While Buck and Pat couldn’t quite determine whether or not AT&T Park smelled like Garlic Fries, the Blue Jays rode another strong starting pitching performance to victory on Tuesday night. Troy Tulowitzki provided the bulk of the offense, hitting a solo home run, RBI double, and a sacrifice fly, while JA Happ continued his hot […]