Intro to BP Stats Using Blue Jays Players: True Average (TAv)

This Toronto Blue Jays based site for Baseball Propsectus is still in its infancy. While the articles here have shown a distinct professionalism and belonging, we’re still a rookie in the BP Family. We’re a bit like Trevor Story; showing that we belong here in a small sample, but really striving for sustained excellence and […]

MLB: Spring Training-Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays

How to Beat PECOTA With the Blue Jays

This season, Baseball Prospectus’ editor-in-chief, Sam Miller, will be curating an entertaining game called Beat PECOTA. If the idea doesn’t already appear self evident, allow me to explain. For the completely uninitiated, PECOTA is the projection system employed by Baseball Prospectus. PECOTA forecasts many things about a player’s future performance, including BP’s in-house stats: True […]