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Source: Blue Jays Finalize Plans for July Trades

After a conference call with the baseball operations staff on Friday afternoon, the Blue Jays front office has decided what their plans will be for trades in July, according to a source familiar with the situation. Specifically, the team is open to trading any of their four players with fewer than a year of control left, namely Marco Estrada, Joe Smith, Francisco Liriano, and Jose Bautista. Additionally, the club will also listen to trade offers on a couple of players who will hit the free agent market after 2018, like Steve Pearce or J.A. Happ, but are in no hurry to move them. This lines up with what Mark Shapiro has been saying all along in the media, specifically to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet and Scott MacArthur of TSN Radio.

However, the source also mentioned that the team will not be looking to dump salaries and start a rebuild. The trades must make sense from a baseball standpoint for the club at this point, and the team is even open to taking salary on in trades like they did last year when acquiring Francisco Liriano from the Pittsburgh Pirates. The front office is intent on improving the team for the rest of this season, 2018, and beyond.

Despite rumours from various members of the national media in the United States, like Jon Morosi, Buster Olney, and Jon Heyman, the Blue Jays have no plans to trade big pieces like Josh Donaldson, Roberto Osuna, Marcus Stroman, Kevin Pillar, or Aaron Sanchez according to the same club source. The team would need to be “completely overwhelmed by players with multiple years of control” in order to move any of those players.

The team has had scouts on assignments across baseball in the past few weeks, and that will continue until the July 31st deadline and even after it. Because of this, anytime you read “Blue Jays are scouting Player X,” take it with a grain of salt as the Blue Jays are scouting virtually everybody in the league to do their due diligence.

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7 comments on “Source: Blue Jays Finalize Plans for July Trades”

Trades show the fans that management wants to
improve chances of winning and inspires those who
are traded to be happy they are needed + wanted.

Trades inspire fans to expect improvements and also
inspire those traded to show their appreciation for

If Jays get a GOOD offer for Justin Smoak, I would explore R 1B Rhys Hoskins (24) of AAA LVIP with
20 DBL, 4 3Bs, 20 HRs, 67 RBIs, .292 BAV.,
.578 SLG% and .965 OPS. Last year, he finished with
126 RBIs + many SBs. I would sign to a rising pay
scale for 5 years. He is 6′ 4″ 225 lbs. with power and

AAA Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs has 2 good RSPs
6’3″ 210 lbs Tom Eshelman with E.R.A. =1.96 in 78 I
6’4″ 190 lbs. Ben Lively with E.R.A. =2.17 in 62 Ings
Both would now help AAA Buffalo as backup.

2 good R Catchers are available in AAA namely

(24) Jordan Devencenzi of Vermont Lake with
BAV = .360, OB% = .515, and OPS = .955

(23) Tucker Pennel of Tri-City Devils with
BAV. = .600, OB% = .833 and OPS = 1.533

If Toronto does qualify for entry into the post
season before the end of July, and Baltimore does NOT, I would backup Osuna with Baltimore’s
closure via a trade or buyout. Both closures would
give the EDGE to Toronto and the team would gain confidence.

I look at the players at Toronto and I see Jose with
confidence and a plan of attack. I see Russ who is now ready to “crank” that baseball and block that
plate with his “life”. I see Josh with renewed energy ready to steal” bases and join the fight when it starts. I see Troy ready to show he IS the BEST at what he does. I see Kevin jumping several feet to ROB a hit ball. I see Justin “wowing” fans with another ROCKET into the stands. I see Gibby at home plate waiting to say
“well done.” I see the blue jays fans jumping and
saying “What a comeback!

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