How Rain Hurts a Minor League Club

Rain really is a four-letter word for baseball teams, no matter the league or level. Whereas soccer and football almost thrive playing in the rain, baseball has no problem calling off or delaying games. Rain can impede players’ vision and grips on the ball, cause injury due to slippery surfaces, and generally compromise the integrity of the […]


Farm Notes: Who Are These Guys?

The Blue Jays always wait as long as possible to release the rosters for their full-season minor league teams. True to form, this season they again left me jonesing for the news all weekend (which probably says unpleasant things about my priorities in life) before finally revealing the placement of their prospects and organization filler […]


Opening Day Thoughts

Opening day, which seemed uncomfortably far away when the World Series ended in 2017, and then became a beacon of hope as Spring Training unfolded, finally arrived. And it did so with a heavy, wet thud. So, allow me, if you will, some observations. The season began on a poignant and difficult note, with the […]


Things to Enjoy About the 2018 Blue Jays

Hello, friends. As we anticipate the Jays opening the 2018 season, we’re all very excited. Maybe we’re basking in the glow of spring, in players being in the best shape of their lives, of veterans coming to camp renewed, and prospects showing flashes of exciting talent, tantalizing us with glimpses into the future. As we drown in […]