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The Worst Umpiring in Recent Blue Jays’ History

The often self-aggrandizing behavior of major league umpires has been a conversation topic of many baseball fans for years now. Instance upon instance of umpires aggressively confronting and prematurely ejecting players from games has led to many calling for baseball to switch to robot umpires as soon as possible. These “ump shows” came to a […]

Jason Grilli Toronto DFA

Jason Grilli’s Time in Toronto is Over

According to Hazel Mae, Jason Grilli’s time with the Blue Jays may be coming to an end. Grilli, who was acquired last May in a trade with Atlanta in exchange for minor leaguer Sean Ratcliffe, became quite become a fan favorite in his brief time in Toronto. May is also reporting that Chris Smith (3.93 […]

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The Greatest Blue Jays (Facial Hair) of All-Time

One of baseball’s longest standing and most debated traditions is deliberation over who is greatest. Whether it’s the greatest players, team or generation, the subjective nature of what and how we define greatest allows the debate to rage on well after stats like Wins Above Replacement, Pythagorean Record, and pitcher wins have been developed in […]