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Artifical Turf Wars Ep. 9: It’s Getting Hard to Colabelieve

Greg, Josh, and Chris discuss the Chris Colabello suspension (and give themselves a Do-Over in the process), the offensive and bullpen woes, the strong starting pitching, and a confusing situation involving Marco Estrada’s shoulder. They also answer listener questions, give out a Cliché of the Week and tackle one of Justin Smoak’s defensive quirks.

Note: Starting next week, the Podcast will be appearing on Thursday mornings.

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Intro music is Slow Burn (Kevin MacLeod) under CC BY 3.0.

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3 comments on “Artifical Turf Wars Ep. 9: It’s Getting Hard to Colabelieve”

Robert John Findlay

It’s truly amazing how all you so called experts with little or no medical expertise can tar and feather Chris Colobello while giving him zero benefit of the doubt, only in baseball journalist minds can you find that a person doesn’t have any possibility of innocence. Throw the rope over the tree, just like Wyatt Earp.
I, like thousands of others saw Chris Colobello’s interview, but unlike you believe him, why because he has absolutely no reason to lie, you have already painted him black.


How many other suspended players have had no reason to lie but haven’t confessed?


It’s not easy to believe that Cola was dosed without his knowledge, but IMO there’s enough room for doubt for me not to believe he must have known. If I had to bet, I’d say he knew, but since it’s not a binary situation with no other options, I’m going with “I don’t know enough to bet either way”.

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