ATW Episode 68: Those Trade Winds are Blowing

Nick Dika joins Greg and Josh to break down the last week of Jays, with a long look at the Blue Jays deadline moves and the impacts made by Francisco Liriano and Joe Smith during their time as Blue Jays. They also discuss Steve Pearce’s magical week, Justin Smoak’s continued dominance, a brief return to form from Marco Estrada, Josh Donaldson hitting slightly better, and Jose Bautista’s struggles. Finally, they answer listener questions and give a Do Over to some MLB Umps.

ATW Episode 67: Art Imitating Life

To take a break from the depressing nature of discussing the 2017 Blue Jays, Greg and Josh decide to talk baseball movies instead. They review “Moneyball” and the documentary “Fastball”, while also touching on Major League (of course), A League of Their Own, Bull Durham, and more via listener questions. 

ATW Episode 66: Teaching Hitting is Tough

Former Blue Jays Assistant Hitting Coach Eric Owens stops by to discuss working with major and minor league hitters, the issues plaguing the recent Blue Jays clubs, Josh Donaldson’s swing techniques, and why many clubs now have two hitting coaches. Greg and Josh then discuss the returning members of the Blue Jays bullpen, the continues excellence of Marcus Stroman and Roberto Osuna, the struggles of Marco Estrada and the defence, and Dalton Pompey’s sad tale. They also answer listener questions and discuss the trades from around the league and their impact on the Blue Jays.

ATW Episode 65: All-Starting Over Again

Greg and Josh break down the last week in the Blue Jays and baseball world. They discuss the recent 3-2 Jays week that somehow included two disaster losses, the returns to form of Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki, Roberto Osuna’s All-Star appearance and Marcus Stroman’s absence, the struggles of the returning Aaron Sanchez, Marco Estrada and John Gibbons’ recent performance, and the promotions of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette. They also answer listener questions, give out a Do Over, and discuss some of the fun from All-Star week. 

ATW Episode 64: Sadness and Sadism

Matt Kory of Baseball Prospectus stops by to discuss the recent Jays’ massacre at the hands of the Boston Red Sox, the mastery of Chris Sale, and to look at the odd struggles of the Toronto Blue Jays against even mediocre arms. Greg and Josh also discuss Justin Smoak’s All-Star starter nod, the pickup of Miguel Montero, J.A. Happ’s success, the offensive struggles, Marcus Stroman’s blister conspiracy, and the dominance of Lansing’s duo of Vlad Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette Jr. Finally, they answer listener questions, give out a Do-Over, and try to make sense of the Angel Hernandez lawsuit against MLB.

ATW Episode 63: A Tall Glass of Juiced Balls

The Ringer and Effectively Wild’s Ben Lindbergh drops by to talk about his recent piece on the effect of the ball on the home run surge across baseball. He goes over his findings relating to the bounce of the ball and the lower seams, the cause/effect relationship of the new ball and the “flyball” revolution, and looks at why the home run increase is larger in the middle, as opposed to the big boppers. Greg and Josh also discuss the recent Jays play, including notes on the departure of Jason Grilli, the returns of Ezequiel Carrera and Michael Saunders, Justin Smoak’s All-Star surge, and the return to form of Steve Pearce. They also give out a Gold Star to John Gibbons for his handling of the Roberto Osuna issue, and a Do Over to Miguel Montero. 

ATW Episode 62: (Under .500) Days of Summer

Greg and Josh break down the latest 3-3 week in Blue Jays land. They look at the strange problems the starters seem to have when faced with a potential .500 record, the fun comeback against the Rangers, Marco Estrada’s struggles, Justin Smoak continuing to swing a hot bat, Kevin Pillar having issues both at the plate and in the field, and the untimely injuries to Joe Smith and his replacement, Leonel Campos. They also play Swing and a Drive with Patreon donor Dave Church, answer listener questions, and give out a Do-Over. 

ATW Episode 61: There’s a Draft in Here!

Burke Granger of 2080 Baseball stops by to discuss the 2017 draft. He gives reports on the first few players taken by the Jays in the draft, then discusses some surprised from day 1, the process for amateur scouts, and how they compile their rankings at 2080 baseball. Greg and Josh then discuss the last week in Jays land, with a look at the failure to reach .500, the dominance of Roberto Osuna and Justin Smoak, the struggles of Marco Estrada, and the return to health and form of J.A. Happ. Finally, they answer listener question and give out a Do-Over to the Los Angeles Angels. 

ATW Episode 60: Can’t Quell the DL Spell

Greg and Josh go over the last week of stories from the Blue Jays’ 4-3 week. They go over the games against the Yankees and Reds, touch on the triumphant return to superstardom (and health) of Josh Donaldson, the latest injury to Devon Travis, Francisco Liriano and Joe Biagini’s rest of the season outlooks, and the J.P. Howell/Jason Grilli conundrum. They also give out THREE Do-Overs, and talk about the unlikely four homer game from Scooter Gennett. 

ATW Episode 59.5: Bonus Interview w/ Eno Sarris

In a special bonus interview episode, Eno Sarris of Fangraphs stops by to discuss Joey Votto’s unique approach to hitting with focus on the ways he has adapted to the pitchers’ attack patterns, changed his swing path, and the mental aspect of hitting. He also discusses the mood in AT&T park after the Strickland/Harper altercation, Strickland’s reaction, and how things could play out going forward.