Edwin, Jose, and Alternate Realities

Now that the dust has settled on the return of Jose Bautista, the mind naturally wanders – or mine did anyway – to how the Blue Jays as they are currently constructed would compare to a world in which Jays fans got what they originally wanted; one where Edwin Encarnacion had said yes to the offer the […]


What to think about Jeff Beliveau?

If you said he might actually help out the major league squad, would anyone believe-you? There’s an argument to be made either way, but let me step back and cover the basics. If you didn’t notice, the Blue Jays signed the LHP to a minor league contract today with the standard invitation to spring training. […]


Toronto vs. Cleveland: ALCS Game 4 Preview

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Cleveland October 17th, 2016 Written by Tammy Rainey and Eric Mercer Well, the Jays have done themselves no favours. One can only hope that they have a flair for the dramatic but that seems foolishly optmistic. At the start of the series, if you had guessed the Jays pitching would limit Cleveland […]