Marcus Stroman is Unapologetically Good and That’s Not a Bad Thing

Marcus Stroman is a character. Even baseball fans that aren’t that familiar with the Blue Jays have seen his act before. The only two things bigger than his six-pitch repertoire are his collection of shoes and his mouth when he’s on the mound. The 26-year-old, 5-foot-8, trash-talking, Jordan-wearing, strutting, strike-throwing machine seems to become a […]


The Home Opener Etiquette Guide

In 1992, Winfield wanted noise. In 2017, Jose Bautista knows he doesn’t need to ask for it. More and more people are going to Blue Jays games. That’s a fact. Recent success has droves of fans filing in on a nightly basis; in 2016, the Jays drew more than 40 thousand spectators per game for […]