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Wire to Wire: The Quotes from HBO’s “The Wire” that Best Suited All the 2017 Blue Jays

The Blue Jays season began and ended with both bitter disappointment, as a 1-9 start turned into a 76-86 finish and the team was all but eliminated from the postseason well before September. It was wire to wire futility. That sentence wasn’t a coincidence, of course, as this very closely resembles the overarching message of HBO’s hit series, “The Wire.” While that show is on the surface about the Baltimore drug world, in general it is about the futility of trying to change things that are clearly trending downwards. The newspapers, the docks, the city. Each had someone attempt a creative fix that ended up just leaving things just as bad as they started, if not worse. The Blue Jays are similar. They tried Biagini in the rotation more than once, Russell Martin and Jose Bautista at 3B, and used a franchise record 60 players in 2017.

So in that spirit, I decided to gather the quotes from the famous show that best fit each player from the 2017 Toronto Blue Jays. There are way too many of these for one post, so I broke them up into four groups: MLB pitchers, MLB hitters, prospects, and coaches/front-office personnel.

Here are the links to each of the four pieces:

– I set up a DNR on the big league pitchers’ phones.

– I sent a surveillance team to the roof to watch the MLB hitters.

– I dropped a wire on the prospects.

– I brought the final case to the bosses (coaches/front office) and we closed up shop with a few charges for some rival clubs.

This wasn’t your normal BP analysis, but Stringer reminded me that I “gotta think about what we got into this game for. Was it the rep? Was it so our name could ring out on some ghetto street corner? Nah, man. There’s games beyond the f$*&@(! game!” 

Sometimes we just have to enjoy ourselves and this was one of the most fun things I’ve written in a long time. I hope you enjoy it.

And as many words as it ended up taking, I said I was going to do it, so I did. “My word is still my word. In here, in Baltimore, in any place you can think of calling home, it’ll be my word that finds you.” – Roland “Wee-Bey” Brice 

“This is me yo, right here.” – Wallace


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