Blue Jays Sign Brett Oberholtzer for Depth

The Blue Jays have added a depth arm. Per John Heyman:

How important is this move? Well, Heyman is notorious for his dislike of the ‘shift’ key, making him the ee cummings of twitter. He normally makes an exception for player names though. Our man Brett doesn’t even get that consideration. He also has to change which arm he throws with.

He’s been brought on board via a minor league deal. It’s clear the Jays aren’t looking for Brett Oberholzter to make any great impact in the MLB bullpen, but the AAA team needs arms too. He has a WHIP of 1.50 over the last two seasons in he majors, and an ERA of 5.89. However, he’s 27 and left handed, so he’ll be able to find a job somewhere until just prior to the heat death of the universe.

Welcome to the roster Mr. Oberholtzer, we’ll certainly see you in a Bisons’ cap and maybe in a Jays one.

Lead Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

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